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What I offer in a counseling session


Each session will include time to become conscious of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations at that moment. This allows you to be present to them, observe them without judgment, and participate in them and so own and control them. We will also consider how mindfulness techniques are helpful in your mental health, the regulation of thoughts and emotions, and reactions to conditions around us. If the body work you are doing (massage, acupuncture, etc) has already brought thoughts and feelings to your consciousness, the work we do will enhance that progress. The skills you will learn will allow you to overcome the effects of both depression and anxiety.

Thought and Emotion Control

Each session will include talking about the thoughts, emotions and physical reactions that are and have been present in your life, especially those that contribute to your depression or anxiety. A variety of techniques and practices will be used to discover how helpful, effective and self-affirming those thoughts, emotions and physical reactions can be, and how they can be changed if they are stopping you from being joyful, being fulfilled and being useful in your life.

Spiritual Development

Each session will include, as is wanted and needed, teaching and coaching for spiritual growth. While putting into practice the ideas and techniques you learned through mindfulness and psychology, you can discover the deepest and most pervasive influences and organizing principles of your soul or spirit. And you will learn how to develop and utilize the power and goodness of your spirit to integrate your spirit, mind and body. Such counseling by a licensed therapist brings together the very best practices of psychotherapy and your personal spirituality.

Professional Disclosure Statement

As a licensed Professional Counselor, I am required to provide a statement about my training and compentancy: Professional Disclosure Statement

To schedule an initial session, call Clark at  513 791-5990  Extension 147