Cincinnati Men's Gathering

Therapist & Professional Counselor

I seek to use all my training and experience in a holistic counseling that compliments and enhances all the ways you are caring for your physical, mental and spiritual life. I help people with their depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms, panic attacks, and healing from trauma, including PTSD. I also work with couples in both couples counseling and marriage counseling.




Pastor & Wedding Officiant

Here is all my work as a pastor of the Glendale New Church – sermons, articles, weddings, memorials and small groups. We are commonly called a Swedenborgian community because of our attention to the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. If you look up the New Church, you will see we offer a new Christianity that reclaims Christ's invitation to ALL people to discover healing in His spirit, to open our hearts and minds to love rather than judge, and to seek the kingdom within as the source of joy.


For more information about Weddings, please visit Glendale New Church web page






Ask About Workshops

Using Your Lover, Warrior, Magician & King Energies

During this workshop you will discover how to use your Lover, Warrior, Magician and King Energies to gain new access to your emotions, and you will learn how learn how to manage them. We will explore how the flow of energy will maintain and enhance the work you are doing to achieve optimum health.  This will be an intense 3 hours of teaching, guided meditation, journaling and practice.


Mindfulness For Wellness

You are paying attention to your body and your health. You can pay attention to your mind, too! Mindfulness will support and enhance all that you are doing for your body and your physical health. At this workshop you will learn skills that, with practice, will bring the benefits of a balanced and energized spirit to the healing of your body and maintenance of your health.