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Seven Steps Of Creation: From Nothingness To Completion

I marvel at how our bodies are created and grow. And the wonder becomes awe as I experience how our bodies are a means for the expression of our spiritual life. As a reader of Infinity, likely you are doing all you can to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives just so you may live up to the potential for useful service, joy and peace you have already glimpsed in your seeking for spiritual growth.

It is further likely that you know that, just as your body develops through a process of steps, so too does your spirit. Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1770) wrote extensively about what he discovered through his own spiritual experiences about this process. He asserts that, just as knowing the details of our physical development helps us participate in our physical health, so too knowing the details of our spiritual development is key to having our spiritual needs met and achieving our spiritual potential as fully formed human beings. And he further asserts that the ancient literature found in the Bible includes the parables and myths the ancient writers used to describe these otherwise indescribable spiritual principles.

One of the metaphors Swedenborg writes about is the seven days of creation as told in the book of Genesis. Each “day’ symbolizes a distinct step in the process, and each day’s features describe the elements of that stage.  The insights Swedenborg offers are immediately applicable to our natural, physical life, even as the originating principles are deep, and are spiritual. For instance, Swedenborg noticed that each stage includes the material for the next stage. As we successfully go through the process of one stage, we acquire materials for our use in the next stage, and so we can move on to begin the process of that next stage. Also, while there is a definable set of stages, each of which must follow in a particular order, there is no specific amount of time allotted to the process. Also, in what feels paradoxical, each state is in some way an advance, which, however, reveals what is still lacking, what is missing, what hasn’t been achieved. One of the key lessons to be learned as we grow is to beware feelings of dissatisfaction or the human tendency to diminish the importance of the present.

A workshop has been developed based on these stages. Each session provides the participant a chance to experience a taste of that “day’s” spiritual development. The sessions are: The Void: The God Shaped Hole; Filling the Void With Light: Breaking Patterns; Seeing What Is There: Seeing From Above; Dry Ground: Tender Sprouts; Feeling Good: Thank God!; This Is Living!: I Get It; Loves Creates Life: It is SO Good!

The workshop draws on many people’s insights and a variety of spiritual traditions. People have found the experience an excellent way to enhance their spiritual health in a way complimentary to taking care of their physical health.


Infinity Magazine February 2006