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“For as the earth brings forth its bud,
As the garden causes the things that are sown in it to spring forth,
So the Lord GOD will cause righteousness and praise to spring forth before all the nations.” Isaiah 61:11

“In the world there are various representations of regeneration, such as the way all the earth's products flower in springtime, and then stage by stage develop until they bear fruit; and likewise by the way any tree, shrub or flower grows from the first month of warm weather until the last. Another representation is the stages by which all fruits gradually ripen from the first rudiments to the full development. Then again it is represented by early morning and late evening showers, and by dew, which when it falls makes flowers open, and the shades of night make them close again; or again by the fragrant smells from gardens and fields….If we turn our attention to the humblest creatures on earth, there is a wonderful picture of regeneration presented by the way silkworms and many caterpillars are transformed into nymphs and butterflies, and other insects that as time goes on are adorned with wings. To these examples even more trivial ones can be added, such as the fondness of certain birds for plunging in water in order to wash and cleanse themselves, after which they revert to their role as songbirds. In short, the whole world from first to last is full of representations and models of regeneration." True Christianity n.687

Wednesday night the peepers arrived! The wetlands only a hundred feet from our back-door provide a perfect breed-ing ground for frogs, and every year it sounds like thousands of their babies are singing with the greatest amount of joy possible! This year their appearance was more dramatic than I ever remember, with so many of them piping up in the same evening. My heart, which a moment before was so tired of the cold and the rain, was warmed by this powerful reminder that spring is indeed here! The thought came that life is returning to the world. I WILL get to work on the garden very soon!

We are blessed when we can reenter the springtime states of life. The thought of a never ending summer or winter is horrific. And the rest and peace that come after the dark and cold states of temptation’s battles are especially sweet.

I still resist the teaching that the dark and cold seasons are necessary for the bright and warm seasons to be understood and appreciated. Yet I understand the necessity. (Perhaps it is because I spend too much time in the winter states!)

The Lord suggests we look for the signs of spring, just as we look for the blessings that are given by the Lord as part of the process of our spiritual growth. And isn’t it wonderful that the world supports our inner delight!

I have remind myself that such inner delight is not CAUSED by external circumstances. But I also know that the Lord wants very much for me to delight in nature whenever and however I can, to confirm the beauty of spiritual life.

I encourage you to find the sun, stretch your arms out and up, and so get ready to fly! Your winter is ending, spring is coming, and it is time to again sprout new wings to enjoy the blessings you have received!