Cincinnati Men's Gathering

Our First Formal Event!

This workshop addressed:

  • Becoming an authentic man
  • Becoming a connected husband
  • Becoming an effective father

We had the following three speakers.

Barry Schlimme - "The Shadows of Manhood"

The painful experiences we have as boys prompt us to consciously and unconsciously lock into beliefs, make decisions, and create behaviors that work to keep us safe and/or bring us love. As a result, in adulthood, instead of having a conscious and mature response in certain situations, our habituated boyhood behaviors show up as unconscious reactions, and continually sabotage our best efforts as men. It’s time to leave boyhood behind, make new choices, and to become men.

Barry conducts workshops, lectures on men’s issues, organizes and facilitates men’s retreats, facilitates emotional release work, and is becoming an organic farmer. His vision is to create a diverse and intergenerational community of empowered and conscious men, connected through a common goal: the re-introduction of the continuum of older men guiding younger men into mature masculinity. You can read more about him and his work by visiting his website at

Clark Echols - "Husbandman"

Imagine yourself the husbandman in your relationships with women. You supply the seed, prepare the ground and sow the seed, and the relationship grows. To grow, your relationship needs the right amount of water, warmth, and light. Where do you get the seed? Do you take the time to prepare the ground? What do you do what it’s too dry or too cold? Let’s look at our role of husbandman, providing the right kind and amount of love, intellect and communication. These are the basics that are very hard to do at times.

Clark has been a Swedenborgian teacher and preacher for 28 years. He is currently the pastor of the Glendale New Church and a Graduate Student at Xavier University working to become a licensed counselor. He intends to work with men, helping them develop true masculinity; facilitating men addressing and rising above family of origin issues; and standing beside men as they overcome addictions and build healthy relationships. There is more about him on his web site at

Calvin Williams - "Healing the Father Wound"

Fatherhood comes with tremendous promise, yet for too many men, the promise withers in the wound. This workshop will give men the safety and opportunity to look at the "father wound”, which is the initiation into the "promise of father-hood.”

Calvin Williams has over seven years of experience teaching and learning about fatherhood. As Program Director for the SUMA Fatherhood Project, Calvin has walked with hundreds of men into the sacred realm of fatherhood. This incredible ministry has already graduated hundreds of fathers through the program, helping them become the responsible, committed and nurturing fathers that they want to be, and that their children need them to be. SUMA believes that the best way men can improve the lives of their children is by improving their father-child relationship and by supporting and encouraging their children’s healthy growth. For more information on the SUMA Fatherhood Project, please contact SUMA at (513) 487-7862.