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One of the results of our advanced civilization is the opportunity to have leisure when it is below freezing. We don’t have to spend a lot of time keeping warm. Another result of our advancement is an awareness of our spiritual temperature. But this advancement is not intended to give us more leisure time. Indeed, it gives us more to think about, more work to do.

It requires spiritual effort to take advantage of the Lord’s second coming and the revelation that was produced. Modern technology is taking us in the opposite direction. Getting information is easier all the time–in fact we may have so much of it at our disposal that using it is an ever more complex effort.  

And do we use it?  There is the crunch. Our ability to be spiritual brings with it a responsibility to cooperate with the Lord for the development of our spirit. We can memorize much deeper truths than were available before the Lord’s comings.  The Lord’s invitation, which we may take or leave, is to do the work necessary to discover His love for us and our love for Him.

To do the work requires a certain love, an inner fire, which fire is fueled by the new truths revealed in the Writings for the New Church. We know this; now, do we act on it?  What a wonderful opportunity! It is exciting to me to think that I could be telling my friends that there is a way to work out their problems with their spouses, their kids, their bosses, their own bad habits! The way the mind works, and how to tap into the Lord’s love and truth, are described to us now in a way not possible before His second coming, and found nowhere else so well described as in the revelation of that second coming.

And here is more good news: the Writings are available on the internet! More organizations are printing and placing books of the Writings in many diverse places. People of all kinds are responding to the invitation to “come and see.” More and more people are returning to basic moral and ethical principles and are wiser to the scams of the past. More and more people see through “doublespeak.” More and more people are looking deeper into the issues of life and discovering that the old, tried and true rules are the best solution. And people are making time to learn more and more.  `

But it is all for nothing if what is understood is not taken to heart and then put to work. That requires the inner fire. It requires an external effort and attention.  `In our little corner of the world, what can this organization be and do to invite you (and help you invite others) to discover the benefits of the effort of using the new understanding available through the New Church, its teachings and its people?  Part of our answer is how consistently we think from the Word in all our life. Part of the answer is how freely we give away the gift we have from the Lord. Part of the answer is how much fire there is in our hearts for the salvation of our acquaintances, of our friends, of the world.

The Lord came two different times and two different ways so people could be saved. Our responsibility is to cooperate with the Lord to that end. Such an inner fire burns through all seasons of earth and all seasons of the heart.


Precursor January 2004