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How Are We Renewed?

“Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31

Heavenly Secrets n.33: “True love is love to the Lord, true life is the life inherent in love from Him, and true joy is the joy of that life. The existence of more than one true love is not possible. Nor consequently is the existence of more than one true life possible which is the source of all true joy and happiness, such as angels in the heavens enjoy.”

“Re” in front of a word usually means “again” or “repeated,” as in re-presented or re-generation. We understand clearly from the Word how the Lord is represented in the Word and in nature. And we understand clearly from the Word that we must be regenerated by the Lord. We know a lot about how He does that. And now that all of nature is coming back to life after winter, we are constantly reminded to reflect upon our lives, and so to repent. Just as spring comes again and again, so these processes of our life return again and again. Thus the Lord is constantly saving us, lifting us up, making us fit for heaven. What is wonderful is that the process is never complete. There will always be an opportunity for us to repeat a situation and do it better, more in accordance with the Lord’s will.

But how can we be made new again? What does the Word mean by the “renewal” of our youthfulness or the “renewal” of our strength.

I first think of the part of the process of “urban renewal” which consists of tearing old buildings down. The Lord never does that. His love never destroys, and His truth always heals. However, we have to tear down false edifices in our minds. We have to level the mountains of selfishness. And that feels like we are destroying our lives. Like we have to die. That is the necessary work resulting from our hereditary inclinations and our actual sins. Like it or not, our renewal includes such preparation.

But then we really are newly made! After the dark winter of temptation’s battles, we are able to sprout up again into the light and put forth new leaves and flowers and fruit and seeds, all because of the Lord’s power to renew us.

Our reveling in the new springtime warmth is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the Lord’s work in our spirits. He is constantly there, causing good loves and true ideas to be fostered and nurtured. It is His love that keeps us alive. We cannot make ourselves anew. Only the Lord God Jesus Christ has that Divine power as our Creator. So long as we have that acknowledgement somewhere deep in our consciousness, we will always return to that special stage of regeneration, when we see the Lord represented before us again, and we are filled with a deeply satisfying sense of spiritual renewal.


Precursor May 2004