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“‘The One testifying these things says, Indeed I am coming quickly, Amen. Come indeed, Lord Jesus,’ means the Lord Who has revealed the Apocalypse, and has now opened it, testifying the glad tidings that He is coming as the Bridegroom and Husband, in His Own Divine Human, which He took upon Himself in the world and glorified, and that the Church as the Bride and Wife will long for Him. Above at verse 16 of this chapter the Lord said ‘I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify unto you these things in the Churches,’ by which is meant a testification by the Lord before the whole of Christendom that it is true that the Only Lord has made manifest the things that have been written in this book, and which have now been opened. From this it is plain that by ‘the One testifying these things says’ is understood the Lord, Who has revealed the Apocalypse and now opened it, testifying. The reason why He is testifying the glad tidings is because here He announces His coming, His kingdom, and His spiritual marriage with the Church. The reason why this coming is to a spiritual marriage with the Church is because this New Church is called the Bride and Wife, and the Lord her Bridegroom and Husband (chaps. 19:7-9; 21:2, 9, 10; 22:17). Also here at the end of the book the Lord speaks and the Church speaks, as a bridegroom and a bride. The Lord speaks these words, ‘Indeed I am coming quickly, Amen’; and the Church speaks these, ‘Come indeed, Lord Jesus’, which are the words of a betrothal for a spiritual marriage.” Apocalypse Revealed n.960

The above is the exposition of the next to last phrase of the Bible. The last phrase is not explained: “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” Swedenborg then adds two experiences he had at a grand council of spirits who asked for and were given enlightenment to understand the nature of God. I recommend you read them, as they powerfully place the importance of a right and clear idea of the nature of God before the reader’s heart.

He concludes the stories of the gathering with this: “After these things were concluded in that magnificent Council they rose up, and the guardian angel came out of the treasure chamber bringing to each one of those who sat upon the seats shining garments interwoven here and there with golden threads, and he said, ‘Take the WEDDING GARMENTS.’ And they were conducted in glory into the Christian New Heaven, with which the Lord's Church on earth, which is the New Jerusalem, is to be conjoined.

Apoc. 22: 21: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all: Amen.”

I have appreciated how some sociologists characterize this age: post-Christian. It is a helpful concept because it explains a lot about why people are the way they are. Those sociologists don’t know that the reason we are the way we are as a culture (for instance, morally adrift), is because we have a new spiritual freedom that we are not mature enough to handle. Too many of us, too often, fall into mere license. Sadly, we have a much deeper freedom than ever before in history, but we can’t handle it!

The downside of this coin is that huge numbers of people are adrift and are floundering. Here in the United States externally good, intelligent people argue about what is good civil government. People within denominations argue about church government. People claim that their personal life is not connected to their professional life. And I confess I don’t see clearly how people’s personal, inalienable rights to contract however they want (for instance, a marriage contract) should be regulated by government.

So it is a great time to be alive, if you can handle the stress of the epic journey you are on! For too many people are spiritually asleep, enjoying the freedom produced by the willing labors of their fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers. And then, good ideas about spirituality are being propagated in formats that are, at times, mediocre mediums. The currently popular documentary “The Secret” is an example. the underlying observation-–that we are all related by love–is straight out of the teachings for the New Church, while many of the conclusions, (like: you will attract wealth by properly thinking about it), are more or less erroneous. A final observation: many “new agers” came to believe what they do because it is a much better explanation than the current Christian teaching about an angry god who needed the sacrificial murder of his son to appease him. We have both an opening and a hurdle to overcome. Those who were raised in Christian churches can be told the truth about Jesus, and thus come to embrace the one true God of heaven and earth, the Lord God Jesus Christ.