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A Secure Attachment With Jesus: The Gospel of Mark
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A Secure Attachment: The Gospel of Mark - Introduction



This series of articles surveys the Gospel of Mark with an interpretive eye looking for Jesus’ offer of a secure attachment. This sense of attachment is the physiological experience of salvation.

Jesus repeatedly taught that there are rules governing creation, including our thinking and feeling. He says in Mark 12:29 that the “greatest” of these is loving him and others with our whole selves.

And modern studies of the brain, and current understandings by psychology, confirm this point of view from which we will read the Gospel.

Among the many ways we will be saying this, the following serve to start us off:

The surer I am that I am loved by another, the more secure I am in my sense of self, the more fully I can love others.

When I am loved by another, I am secure in my sense of self, I can love others.

Being loved by another, I am secure in my sense of self, I love others.

I invite you to follow Jesus and discover the path to an open mind and heart that so securely connects with God that you experience eternal salvation; and, founded on that relationship, so securely attached to others that you experience peace and joy now.